All about BigBrainBank Frequently Asked Question

1. How can you benefit from TheBrain?
TheBrain is your smart tool from BigBrainBank.org that enables you to access a wealth of information in macro and micro economic analysis for the world’s biggest financial markets, ranging from forex, stocks, commodities and even bonds. TheBrain is the absolute tool that any trader must have, regardless of what markets you trade. Both professional and beginner traders will be able to benefit from the comprehensive coverage, advanced analysis systems, backtesting and predictive analytics that most other platforms do not offer. BigBrainBank.org’s artificial intelligence technologies perform in real time to give you accurate analytics with rapid-fire precision. Use the insights from BigbrainBank.org to leverage and benefit from short-term price volatility. Short-term adjustments are described as adjustments that take effect within seconds, minutes or up to several hours. It is not only about how fast you react but also how smart you react, and that is possible with BigBrainBank’s integrated platform.

2. Is BigBrainBank a trading platform or financial analysis platform?
BigBrainBank.org prides itself on our unbiased insights where an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, integrated system helps you derive statistical models in real-time and make the right decisions at real-time. It is not influenced by any brokers or parties having an interest in controlling the financial markets.

3. Do you guarantee profits?
BigBrainBank.org is a strictly market education and market analysis platform that offers value-added coaching and support services. While we provide predictive analysis of potential market movements, we do not predict the future, nor do we do guarantee any results but mentor our students and subscribers with recommendations to maximise the highest amount of success. No individual or computer system can predict the future accurately. At best, a person or a computer system can benefit from an education and grounded idea of the future.

4. What constitutes the Markets tab on BigBrainBank.org website?
The Markets tab is where price changes on any instruments listed on the exchanges can be monitored and accessed for insights and analytics.

5. What is in the Calendar function?
The event card contains all the information about the event including the time and date, Actual number released, Previous number released, Analysts expectations, Magnitude of Surprise, Trade Ideas, Insights, Range for the past three years, Surprise range for the past three years and all Market Instruments related to the event. The Calendar tab shows all the Economic Events that occurred yesterday from anywhere in the world, or will occur today, or take place tomorrow. These include Unemployment Rate, Interest Rate Decisions etc.]. The Calendar tab will provide indicative information for each economic event through an event card. The event card provides all details about events, including time, date and location, actual numerical insight from events, launches and policies. It provides analyst reports, investors’ predictions, potential degree of surprise, predictive perspectives and more back data for the last three years and other coverage on associated market instruments.

6. What are economic events?
Economic events are covered through economic indicators. These are statistics that provide information on economic activities which include national performance analysis as well as future forecasting.

7. What are trade ideas?
Capitalise on the power of the world’s top financial analysis systems and reports all within one website at BigBrainBank.org. We provide useful trade ideas such as: Reports indicating the correlation of market instruments, denoting which instruments lead and which instruments follow etc. Providing indicators to help traders determine how which are potentially profitable trades and which are the best timings. Helping to identify the ideal markets to trade in and which markets to avoid if they do not have clear statistical advantages.

8. What are trade ideas?
Trade ideas are price-sensitive trading strategies that are computed based on specific market instruments using historical data analysed with predictive analysis on its part historical movements in similar market conditions.

9. How are trade ideas computed?
There is an algorithmic function with machine learning capability to compute the trade ideas using BigBrainBank’s proprietary system: Technical indicators are measured i.e. "Six continuous green candles" which is then benchmarked to the previous 20 indicators. Different indicators are used for different financial markets to determine the highest probability of reactions and results. Trade ideas are monitored with high accuracy. For example, those that have indicated profitability in at 66 percent of instances within the last 20 occurrences are flagged. The entry rates of instruments, their stop losses and profitability goals are very conservatively calculated.

10. How are trade ideas impacted by news?
Trade ideas are driven by market news based on previous movements within similar scenarios. These are measured through several algorithms. The extent of the market surprise is determined by looking at the magnitude of market strengths of different instruments. Different market instruments are measured and analysed based on the magnitured of surprise for past events. Trade ideas need to indicate a profitability of at least 66% times in terms of occurrences for similar scenarios of the economic event: Must have had an identical magnitude of surprise The occurrence must have happened within the past three years. The instrument’s market entry price, profit target and stop loss points need to be determined conservatively.