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Blended Learning

Value creation in motion

BigBrainBank provides more than a blended learning methodology to support our students and subscribers.

Other than our comprehensive live learning depository, we continuously curate:

  • action-learning materials
  • financial simulations
  • self-study modules
  • webinars with virtual instructors and,
  • live training.

Our focus in on ensuring effective learning outcomes towards the pathway of financial literacy and real-life mastery


At BigBrainBank, we believe that we should grow together with the community. We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our subscribers and students who stay in touch with us through our events and communication.

This is a learning community that is on an innovative progression path, because we understand that the financial markets will continue to evolve so together with our BigBrainBank team and our subscribers as one integrated community, we can provide support and updates through a collaborative ecosystem.


Professional certificates are issued to students and learners who elect to participate in the certification or Diploma levels courses. These are validated and endorsed through our strategic partners.