TheBrain by BigBrainBank is your personal AI advisor. TheBrain gives you real-time market data and statistical analysis to help you make accurate trading decisions - instantly and at your fingertips.


  • Artificial intelligence. Machine-learning technology.
  • Stay ahead of the game and trade live with expert support.
  • Back-tester technology for past events with immediate simulation results.
  • Instant market visualisations to plot potential outcomes.
  • Personalised notifications for your prioritized markets.
  • You know which markets to trade as events happen.
  • Monitor your trading decisions and outcomes on your mobile.


Special privileges for TheBrain by BigBrainBank subscribers

  • Pro-access features and live customer support
  • Statistical back-tested trading simulations
  • Real-time event analysis
  • Multiple market, global coverage


About TheBrain by BigBrainBank

BigBrainBank is a technology-enabler that specialises in financial education for the largest financial markets in the world. Our vision is to build a large global member-based financial education platform focusing on fintech, knowledge-building and business networks that are applicable for the real world.

Through TheBrain, you will be guided through artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, integrated statistical analysis that helps you derive statistical models in real-time and make the right decisions at real-time as well. BigBrainBank’s technology will also help you analyse events using historical data and AI to calculate market impact and market reaction.

Make the most out of your subscription by being active in both learning and executing the strategies in your real-life trades.



BigBrainBank offers a complete depository of training courses, artificial intelligence-driven analytics, and coaching support to help you become a profitable, world-class trading expert.


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Frequently Asked Questions

To find out more about how TheBrain, your friendly AI customer service at works, check out our Frequently Asked Questions. Here you can discover the features and functions of our unique fintech plus edutech platform!

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